HYPR Community Update: Production Progress & Order Backlog Solutions

Hey HYPR Fam,

We're back with an update on production and how we're tackling the order backlogs! We hear your feedback loud and clear, and we appreciate your patience as we work diligently to get your controllers in your hands faster.


Order Flow: Thanks to your support and our team's dedication, orders are rolling out in increasing numbers. We've ramped up production and streamlined processes, but there's still a hurdle to jump...


The Hall Effect Hurdle: Integrating Hall Effect thumbsticks into our controllers proved more complex than initially anticipated. They require meticulous assembly, calibration, and extensive real-world testing to ensure they hold up in intense gaming sessions. We understand your frustration with stick drift, and we're committed to providing the ultimate solution.


Good News for Backorders: Rejoice! We're retroactively including calibration boards FREE with all backlogged orders. These boards provide effortless stick calibration, ensuring smooth, precise control from day one. This will actively fix issues such as circularity, thumbstick response, and drift. Every controller on back order will receive their order with the new calibration boards fined tuned for 6-9% circularity error and instant response time. If you wish to have the auto calibration option, please feel fre to email us! We'll set you up! 

Doubling Down on Quality: We're not just adding perks, we're raising the bar on quality control. In addition to standard testing, we've implemented rigorous stress tests and live gaming sessions for all controllers, especially those with Hall Effect sticks. Our team of expert testers, including seasoned Call of Duty and Apex players, put each controller through its paces, guaranteeing flawless performance and durability.


Backlog Transparency: While production is accelerating, we still have about 250 orders past our specified lead time. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and want to be transparent about the reasons behind the delay.

    • Hall Effect Learning Curve: As mentioned, integrating these innovative sticks takes longer than expected.
    • Initial Quality Issues: We prioritize exceptional quality, so some orders need to be re-produced due to calibration or longevity issues not meeting our standards.
    • Holiday Surge: The holiday season brought an avalanche of orders (over 1600!), and we scaled up our team from 4 to 15 to address this demand.

Rest assured, we're actively working to reduce the backlog. New hires, improved processes, and enhanced testing protocols are our weapons in this fight. We're also transparently sharing these challenges because your trust and understanding matter to us.


Stay Tuned: We're continuously upgrading our controllers and processes. Expect future updates on progress, improvements, and exciting new developments. Thanks again for your passion and support! It fuels our dedication to delivering the ultimate gaming experience.


P.S. We encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns. We're here to listen and help!