How to Reprogram Rear Mechanical Buttons 

For Xbox / PS4 / PS5 Controllers with V1 Chip
Remap V1 - follow step 3 below to check. If Step 3 works, this is the remap version installed on your controller.

  1. To enter into remapping mode, hold D-PAD ARROW DOWN + ANY REAR BUTTON for 5 seconds until a red LED illuminates below the home button (For Xbox, Home button will shine brighter).
  2. Once in remapping mode hold your desired face button + the back button you want to assign it to for about 5 seconds or until the LED turns off. Then you're done! Repeat for other back buttons.
  3. To reset remapping chip, HOLD O + X+ SQUARE + TRIANGLE then turn the controller back on by either pressing the PS button or plugging it in. The LED light will blink rapidly.

Remap V2 (For PS5 Only) 

  1. Press and Hold D-Pad Down + X for 10 seconds until LED above the home button illuminates.
  2. While in remapping mode, press and hold any face button + rear button you wish to bind it to and then let go. LED should blink three times to confirm button mapping. Repeat this step for other buttons.
  3. To exit remapping mode, tap D-Pad Down once.

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