HYPR Signature FPS White/Gray

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The HYPR Signature controller, with ergonomic rear buttons, quick triggers, hall effect thumbsticks, and a durable high-quality finish, is the only controller you'll ever need for FPS gaming.

Colorway: White/Volt

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  • Checkmark Four Remappable Back Buttons
  • Checkmark Quick Triggers for faster shots
  • Checkmark Hall Effect Thumbsticks
  • Checkmark Anti-Sweat Grip for better control
  • Checkmark Rumbles Removed
  • Checkmark 1-year warranty
Warranty and Return
  • 1 year warranty including stick drift coverage
  • 7 day free replacement warranty and 7 day return policy

For more information on warranty and returns please click here


The ultimate custom pro controller for PS5 and PC. The HYPR Signature is built to give you the competitive advantage gamers yearn for.

The reprogrammable back buttons on the Signature can be assigned to any face button, including bumpers and triggers, giving you complete control over your game.

Quick triggers and bumpers are the game changers in elevating your gameplay. These modifications shave off precious milliseconds, which is enough to take over the battlefield.


Say goodbye to stick drift! Our latest technology features Hall effect thumbsticks, designed to deliver flawless performance and rated for at least 10,000,000 lifecycles. With a low circularity error rate of 6-7%, low latency, and high accuracy, these thumbsticks ensure your every move is registered with precision. Plus, enjoy raw input with no built-in deadzones for the ultimate gaming experience.


Our back buttons are placed perfectly where you need them. We've measured all hand sizes to fit our button placements.


Our custom button switches are developed specifically for gaming and are not for multi-use. Built sturdy with minimal wobble, which allows for accurate and affirmative button presses.